Grafix Softech Studio

$55.00 $25.00

With a simple and clean interface, Grafix Softech Studio is a photo editor that allows casual users to make photo & image edits without digging through a wide range of different photo editing tools.


Grafix Softech Studio comes equipped with an automatic photo editing adjustment feature. Let Grafix’s photo editing software help enhance your photos without manually adjusting photos yourself.

The Essentials Retouching Tools for Photo Editing

Aside from enhancing photos, Grafit Softech Studio comes with all the popular retouching tools for photo editing software.

  • Crop and resize photos & images to your liking
  • Clone stamp, burn, dodge, and much more
  • Magic wand and magnetic lasso photo editing tools for selecting and cutting desired objects in photos
  • Tone curve to retouch photos to your specification

Digital Compositions

Grafix Softech Studio also allows users to create graphic images for digital advertisements like banner ads and flyers. Easily create digital compositions for your marketing content and advertisements needs.

  • Add and Edit Text within your digital advertisements
  • Create Clipping Masks
  • Text-warp and transformation features

Grafix Softech Studio photo editing software has capabilities that allow you to import and export different file types when you edit your photos.

  • Grafix Softech Studio can allow users to import PSD files.
  • Import RAW photos
  • Export edited photos in JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, TIF/ TIFF, GIF, EPS