Grafix Softech Studio FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers

Photo editing in simple words means modifying the original photo, manipulating it in a desirable way in order to enhance its appearance. We are looking into a wide scope when we speak about editing a photo. Starting from editing basic parameters of the image like brightness and contrast, to morphing and manipulating the image, all fall under the term ‘photo editing’.

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, the name of the group that created this extension. JPEG is one of the most commonly used digital image compression formats that has smaller size in exchange for reduced picture quality. This is the reason why IT guys call it the ‘lossy compression’ type. However, the degree of compression can be adjusted during the storage process giving the users an ability to choose the sweet spot between size and quality. Want high picture quality with dynamic editing options? Click here to read about RAW images.

JPEG is the compression adapted by most digital cameras and mobile phone cameras. The reason is obviously to transmit and receive images that can be stored in those devices. (If the images are clicked always in RAW format, you would need the biggest hard disk connected to your device to click just a little over 50 photos). Since this is the format in which the cameras store an image, we have methods to edit it as well.

While there is no option to print an image directly from Grafix Softech Studio, after you’ve saved your creation, you can print it using your printer software or use an online or nearby printing service.